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My name is Scooby Doo. I am a Great Dane puppy from Danehill kennels in Arkansas. Life was good as a puppy, lots of laying around, eating, playing with my brothers and sisters. Then one day I was put into a crate and taken to this huge building full of bustling, busy people. "Whats going on?" I wondered. Lisa, my human, told me everthing would be ok, I was going to a new home. She assured me that my new mom would take very good care of me.

I was taken away from Lisa and put into a huge airplane. I was scared! The airplane made lots of noise and it was dark. After several hours however, the noise stopped and I was taken off the plane. I was there finally! I couldnt wait to meet mynew mom. After what seemed like forever the crate I was brought into a huge room and the crate door was slowly opened. A pair of gentle hands reached in and pulled me out into the light. It was my new mom! I was so overjoyed, I couldnt help my manners. I jumped up and kissed her right on the nose! My new mom just hugged me. Her name was Andrea. I could tell that everything was going to be perfect, just like Lisa said. After a few minutes the rest of my new family came over to see me. I liked them all very much too. Everyone petted and loved on me for a while and then it was time to go home.

Home, a new home. I wondered what it would be like. Lisa told me I would have many new brothers and sisters. I was so nervous as I didnt know if they would like me or not. Mom had a new collar and leash for me. She put these on and picked me up and we walked through the airport and outside. We got to the truck and she put me down and gave me some food and water. It was cold outside but I did not care, I was very happy. After I ate we got into the truck and left for home. It was a long drive and I tried to sleep but I was too excited. I played with the toys they had brought along and ate some more. We made a bunch of stops on the way, and at each one I hoped we were home. Finally we got there, I was very nervous now!